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Two years ago I had a Head-on accident which left me with residual neck pain when I'm on the computer for long hours and these FGX Power Strips take away the pain within 5 minutes and keep it away as long as I wear it - up to 2 days for each strip. What got my interest is it just received FDA approval as a Class 1 medical device and the parent company's stock jumped 79% when they made they announcement. I just love the product and the Company's philosphy. 

These line of products are all natural and used by a lot of Pro and Olymic Athletes - and Chuck and Gena Norris. I've used the Gluthithione product off and on since 2008 and now I wouldn't be without it - this is the best product for your entire immune system and the company is backed up by Billionaires Guthy/Renker.

Imagine having T-Mobile service and getting paid every month for friends that you refer to their monthly pre-paid plan. That's exactly what Solavei is, T-Mobile's unlimited Talk, Text & Web for $49 monthly - their exact pre-paid plan except your can earn cash back like $10 per month for every two friends that re-up each month and $20 a month if you have Three Friends who use the service. You may not care about the business side but isn't it nice to know that the option is always there as a Solavei Customer.



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Is this all possible?


Well, I did it. This despite the fact that I'm not famous, I don't have brand recognition, I don't have a big business, and I don't have a big audience -- THEY have those things ... but I have the ONE thing they all need: CONTENT that their customers would enoy! Enter your email on the right to learn how this all works.




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Sterling Recommends... These are products that  I love and Highly recommend. Each of them makes my life a little better - one at a time. Check em out and let me know if you like them, after you try them. If you don't I'll make sure that you get your money back and don't pay a dime.


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