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Fourth of July Airplanes
Revolution of Love SOARS! 3_edited_edite

A Greater Reset is Upon us - One
that only Divine Providence can provide. Join us as we Soar To New Heights!

Military Action Is Absolutely Necessary



          Current Commander In Chief (by Spoken Declaration) "I am a Wartime President!"

  • 1/20/2017 "We are transferring power from Washington DC - back to YOU the American people, where it Belongs!"

  • 1/27/2017 500 people arrested for Human Trafficking & Pedophilia in a strongly supported Sting Operation that was stated that they finally had the MUCH needed Executive Branch to pull off a Multi-state and International operation.

  • Capitulation Tour Starts: Watch "The Greatest Show On Earth" that lays the Foundation for President Trump to bring some of the most Public, Powerful and Criminal organizations in government and religion to "Capitulate" to President Trump.

  • This Foundation leads to the DeClassification of a DECADES old operation (Space Force) which is turned into the most POWERFUL Military Branch which VERY FEW know and understand how Powerful it is due to the Classified Nature of its operation.

  • The Second Video is a 15 minute report from Millennial Millie Weaver who gives a Fantastic overview of Space Force's first PUBLIC operation, where Trump cause the deep states to shite their pants!

  • Ask yourself: WHY does President Trump now "Consistently" wear the hat with 45 - 47?

  • We Intel Vets deliver the RECEIPTS and next is fellow Military Intelligence Veteran Derek Johnson delivers the .gov EVIDENCE that (by his own words, "I am a Wartime President" Derek shows the Absolute Facts that, by Constitutional Law, Executive Orders, and Law of War Manual changes, Donald John Trump is Commander In Chief and has turned over his power to the Above Top Secret Secretary of Defense (NOT Traitor Lloyd Austin Fitz) and Operation "Q" is NOT a Conspiracy Theory

  • It is actually a Top Level Intelligence/Counter-Intelligence Security Clearance which started with the newly formed Department of Energy in 1977, when I was recruited and trained to handle via 72 Echo Training at Ft. Gordon Georgia for Communications between Nuclear Powerplants, Weapons, and another Above Top Secret Operation - Star Wars Satellite Defense System.

  • Follow Derek on Facebook and Telegram at: RattleTrap1776 and SEE the Military Aircraft all over the United States & the world IN CIVILIAN REGIONAL AIRPORTS & see WHY they are allowed to land and takeoff without Military Intervention! Much more to come - Stay Tuned!!

The Greatest Show on Earth (2023) GoodLi
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We The People MUST learn Laws, Orders and the Absolute Power of Love of the People! We Call for a Revolution of Love, Peace & Prosperity for all!

Derek Johnson details the PUBLIC Intel of the ABOVE TOP SECRET Global Operation that is going on.


Author, Teacher & Patriot GreyWolf spells out "Who" have named themselves the Enemy of the People. See pg 32 of They Be Pirates Matey to learn WHO the "Declared Communists" are and Have Been for DECADES!


Please visit Derek's 1776Nation.Com and for Powerful Details. 

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Please support these American's work!
Learn HOW our Country was Swapped Out by "Private Banks & Corps" - visit One of visit them All! 



Ann Vandersteel

Derek Johnson

Scott McKay


Seth Holehouse

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We Intel Vets Fully Support One America News Network! Banned & Slandered by Traitor Joe's Cabal

Support America - Get HONEST News Censor Free!

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